new Android Device and Dropbox link problem

I have a new Android phone. Installed Msecure 5, authenticated, Linked Dropbox

But Sync is unable to get the records I have already.

Created a new test record, Sync got only that one.

All other devices on which Msecure was installed previously were IOS devices.

How to solve this, please let me know.

Hi Vinod,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not sure what caused this issue. However, I would recommend creating and restoring from a backup file to fix your issues here: Simply make a backup in mSecure 5 on a device that has all of your information and restore from that backup on the same device. This should push the changes to all of your other devices. 

I am trying to update my new phone with my last phone backup and it opens my Garmin application with the backup file.

Hi Lalo,

This is not at all related to this forum topic. Please create your own topic to discuss your own issues. Please note that I would need to know what version of mSecure you are using, what type of device, and how you're trying to restore from a backup file. 

Here's guide that can help:



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