Inconsistent syncing on mSecure used between android and windows 10

I'm having major issues here. I use mSecure on my handset (Pixel 2 on Android Oreo) and Windows 10 laptop (xps 13). There is no consistency with syncing. Basically, I will update a password on my phone at work, and then get home and use mSecure on my laptop and the new password will not be synced for that contact. When I then go back on to my phone, I find that the new password I created is no longer there, as if I never made a new password. Something is being messed up during the sync. I'm leaning towards moving to a different password manager at this point.


Hi G,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. Our system shows that you are using mSecure 5 on all available platforms. Is this issue only present between your Windows computer and Android device? My first recommendation here would be for you to reinstall mSecure 5 on those devices and see if that fixes your issues.

Please make sure to have access to your QR code before reinstalling the app:

I also have the app installed on an iPad and an old macbook, although I rarely use the apple devices. I'll try reinstalling in all devices to see if I run in to the problem any more.

So I clean installed the app on all of my devices and I'm still having the same syncing issues. Sorry, this won't work for me.

I would check the modified dates to check there are none that are in the future (this is a bug which I had thought was fixed but seems to have returned).

Hi G Nag,

Ben is correct here. Please check to see if the Last Modified date for your records is way in the future. Thankfully, it shouldn't take too long to fix the issue if that is what is causing your issues here. Ben, I believe this issue might have been fixed already. However, our last update was a bit staggered with the iOS/Mac apps being updated almost 10 days sooner than the other platforms so the issue could have still been around before the Android and Windows versions were updated.

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