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I had an older version of your iPhone app has a bright blue background and a key and I reset my password to get into this discussion but the password does not get me into my app.

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Hi Toni,

 Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. The account for this support website is an account for this support website and nothing more. If you have forgotten your mSecure 4 login password, you can reinstall mSecure 4 on your device to start over and create a new login password. If you have access to mSecure 4 via Touch ID, please use this other forum discussion to fix your login password issues:

You can learn how to redownload the previous versions of mSecure (v4) here:

This has not solved my problem. I still cannot access my account with my reset password.

Hi Ann,

Are you the same person as the person above? I'm not sure what account you're trying to access if so. The person above or original poster says they are using mSecure with the bright blue background. That is mSecure 4. They also talk about fixing the password for this website which is specifically for this website. 

I think most of the confusion with mSecure account lies in the nature of information stored in the old version of mSecure. Many of our customers think they already have an account, but since we didn't have a cloud service in previous versions of the app, accounts did not exist. Your information was only stored locally on your device unless you used Dropbox or iCloud syncing, and you just unlocked the app with your password. No account was needed because your data was only stored on your device.

With the release of mSecure 5, we now have our own account system, so an account is now required to sign in to the mSecure 5. Each device signs in to the same mSecure account, and then your information is kept in sync on all your devices. After signing in to your account, using the new app is very similar in that you only need to enter your password to unlock the app to gain access to your information. However, in the background, you are always signed in to your mSecure account.


If you are using mSecure 4, you have no account or email or anything else to handle. Simply reinstalling the app will allow you to create a new device specific login password and start over. If you have mSecure 5 installed on the same device, mSecure 4 might not delete all of its data when removed and you will need to remove mSecure 5 as well to start over in mSecure 4.

I have forgotten my password for mSecure 4. Is there anyway to reset it?

Hi Marguerite,

Do you still have access to the app via Touch ID? If you do, we can help you fix your forgotten password issues here. If not, you can reinstall the app to start over in mSecure 4.

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