Sorting the Types

Is there a way for the user to control the sorting of the "Types" lists?

On the mobile (iPhone) version, I do see how to display my main list sorted by types, but if I add a record (Add Item), the Types list looks pretty random and I have to search visually through that list for the desired Type. 

On the laptop version (Mac 5.5.2), if I display all items and sort by Type, the first 10 in the list look random, then alphabetical afterwards. Maybe that's frequently used for the first 10, but when I'm looking for a type to display, I have to visually search through the first 10, then possibly look through the rest alphabetically. I don't think that way. 

Also on the laptop version, in that left column, if I click to Show Types, that list seems to have about 22 random Types, then the rest are alphabetical.  I get the same behavior when I add a record. 

Is there a way to simply have that Types list remain all alphabetical?  


Hi Curt,

Thank you for contacting us. By default, we sorted the record types in the order we believed the record types would be used most. However, you can change the order of the record types in mSecure 5 on Mac. Here's a video showing you how. 

Thanks. That's exactly what I want to do.

Dear all,

I think you should do a deep revision in version 5.5.2 regarding Types.

I tried to do what is showed in the video but with no success.

I can change the order of all Types, but in the end they return to the initial position. I've tested all option I could, eg. closing Preferences and open it again after Type order change, or closing the App and starting it again. No luck, the Types do no stay as I ordered it.

Another strange thing is when I click Logins in the left pane, several Type titles apear, and I think it should appear Logins only.

Can you tell me if all this is a bug and if so when it will be fixed?


Miguel Madeira


Hi Miguel,

After editing the Types orders, all you should have to do is lock and unlock the app in order view the changes in the app. I am not experiencing your issues. Perhaps your preferences file is having issues here. Let's delete it to see if that fixes your issues:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Click Help and hold down the Options key
  3. Select "Show Preferences file in Finder"
  4. Close mSecure 5
  5. Remove/delete the com.mseven.msecuremac.plist file
  6. Restart mSecure 5

As for the Logins filter on the left pane, it will display any record type that qualifies as a login record. That is, any record type that includes a URL, username, and password. We intended it to work that way


I tried your suggestion and found that I could change some Types and put it in the order I need.

The strange thing is that this not applies to all of them, some stays in the position I choose for it, but others return to the previous place.

More tange than this is after I change some Types from position and it stayed in that new position, when I change others from one position to other, the ones that where previously OK, appear in other random position.

This is very strange, and in my opinion is a bug.

For you to know, I renamed the Types to my foreign language, Portuguese.

Best regards, Miguel.

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