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Allow editing/changing of record Types

It seems to be the case that every element/field of every record can be edited except "Type." Can this be changed so that this element/field can also be edited (perhaps through a pull down menu like used for "Group." As it stands now, if you decide sometime after you create a record as a "Login" (for example) you decide that it makes more sense for it to be an "Email Account" you have to delete the entire record and start all over.

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I have the same issue. Particularly having migrated a large dbase from v3.5.7 and over to v5.5, being able to change the TYPE of some records would have been very helpful. As Mike Katcher says, the only other option appears to be to delete the exiting record and re-enter it using an appropriate new TYPE.

How would this work? The format of the record is tied to type. Would you want the format to automatically change when you change type? 

For me, yes. It’s because an alternative TYPE would accommodate the detail more appropriately.

How would the app know how to map existing data if you change type? Different types have different field names, types and field order.


Hi Andy,

To answer your question here, the app would simply set whichever type you are using to use the default fields of whichever other type you were changing to. We allowed this in the previous version and that is how it previously worked. You would also lose any fields not in the new record type as well. So if your current record type had 10 fields but the new record type only had 4 fields, you would lose the last 6 field in your record. It's honestly not the best. 

However, from all the discussions I've had with customers, customers have been using our record templates or record types as a way to more easily filter their information. It's been used as a filter more than just a template as intended. I believe most customers would be better served by us improving our groups feature to allow records to be set in multiple groups and allowing for better filtering of these groups as well. Here's a discussion/feature request for that:

All that said, perhaps I am wrong here and customer do need or want to change the record template of an existing record in mSecure 5. I have not yet read much that indicates that though. A record template does not change much no matter in what context it is being used, but how it's organized and displayed might. I'm also happy to hear more on why a record type for an existing record needs to be changed though.



Thanks for the comprehensive response - this would seem problematic to me as field types don't generally match well across record types - but lets see what support the request gets.

(And as you can see from my feature request I am very much in favour of improving grouping and tagging).

I would like this feature to be implemented especially having many entries from old version.

It is difficult to delete many entries and re-enter again in a new category.

Have you considered exporting them - editing the type - then importing them back?

You still have to delete the old version but mSecure allows you to selectively filter the exported records.

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