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Have I been hacked? iPad & iPhone apps indicate that my password was changed (I didn't change it)

Oh lordy!  A few minutes ago I tried to use my iphone app (fingerprint) to open mSecure.  It didn't open but instead gave me a message that the password was changed on another device.  I have not changed it.

Tried it also on my iPad.  Didn't open, same message about password changed on another device.

Tried it on my Windows10 laptop.  Didn't open, same message.

I sent a message to mSecure with a link which allowed me to log on to the mSecure website, but there were no other instructions about what to do next.

I'm guessing that perhaps I'm supposed to send a message by posting a new topic?

Needless to say, I'm very worried!

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It’s been more than 24 hours since I notified mSecure of my problem. I was sent a password so I could see my ticket (which is how I got here). Nothing but crickets since.

Yes I had the same problem it disabled my finger print and said my password has been changed by another device

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with expired login sessions at the moment. Our system is 100% protected and secure. However, customers who have been signed in to an account without reinstalling the app or having to go back to the full sign in process for over a year, will be have expired login sessions and will need to sign back into the app. Unfortunately, our app is not handling that process properly at the moment because it is giving users the message we provide when a customers changes their account password on a device. Additionally, iOS and Android users will have to use their account password to unlock the app and have to set up Touch ID/Fingerprint access again afterwards: mSecure 5 -> Settings -> Enable Touch ID/Fingerprint

We are working on fixing the issue so that others do not experience this problem. I'm sorry about the worry and inconvenience this might have caused.

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