Learn everything you need to know about mSecure backups, like how to create and restore from them and where they are located.

Your mSecure account is kept in sync automatically

Everything in your mSecure account is automatically kept in sync with all changes if the mSecure Cloud is enabled. This makes it easy to access your data from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry if you lose your devices. Simply sign in on a new device.

mSecure also creates automatic backup files. However, you can also create manual backups and restore from those backup files whenever needed.

Your information is backed up automatically on your devices

mSecure automatically creates a backup your information after 5 or more changes have been made since the last backup. This is the case whether you are using the mSecure Cloud or not.

Create a backup:

mSecure 5 can restore from older mSecure backup files ending in .msim (Open and unlock mSecure 3 -> Click File -> Click Backup). However, mSecure 5 creates backup files ending in .msib.

Open mSecure and choose File > Backup. You can store your backup file wherever you’d like.

Restore a backup:

Open mSecure and choose File > Restore. Once the file selector opens up, select the backup you want to restore and click open.

Restoring from a backup file will override any information in your mSecure account, and sync the changes to all signed in devices if you have the mSecure Cloud enabled.

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