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Support for Windows 7

I'm still happily using Windows 7 on my work laptop and would very much like to access my passwords. Now I am forced to use version 3 and sync the passwords manually. Is there a way to install the Windows client for version 5 on Windows 7?

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the discussion :-) Unfortunately, I do not understand your question here. However, we have no current plans to make mSecure 5 available on Windows 8 or below. Also the end of life support for Windows 7 ends in 2020 :-/

Yes, but it’s one year stil until 2020. MSexure has many fields that can’t be migrated to another password manager, so we’re trapped in 3.5

I am also an msecure 5.5 user looking for an alternative to Windows 10 (for me, Win10 is too network-invasive of my PC to feel secure,  and of course Windows is the obvious hacking target for all the crooks out there). So I am now migrating to Linux (Mint, i.e. basically Ubuntu). A shame that the msecure folks did/do not provide an .exe version of msecure 5.5,  as that would presumably be (more or less) accessible to Linux users via Wine.

But I understand msecure's commercial philosophy, most of the market is with Windows 10, so they need focus on that to survive. Those of you out there making irate comments should cut them some slack...

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