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Allow editing/changing of record Types

It seems to be the case that every element/field of every record can be edited except "Type." Can this be changed so that this element/field can also be edited (perhaps through a pull down menu like used for "Group." As it stands now, if you decide sometime after you create a record as a "Login" (for example) you decide that it makes more sense for it to be an "Email Account" you have to delete the entire record and start all over.

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Yet another problem is, if I get an email about a topic (your response on the watched topic), it has a click to reply button (Nice Feature!) in the email. 

When I click to reply, the web browser opens up to a view only copy of the response(s). Then, however, when I go to sign in, the web site brings me to the top of the web site, not back to where I just was, signed it and ready to respond. That, quite simply is a coding error on the part of whoever designed your site. You should fix that one, too. 

Hi Henry,

Again, we are using Freshdesk and Freshdesk/Freshwork's support functions. I'm sorry they are not up to your standards (some of it isn't up to mine either).

There are several fine examples of web based forum applications. 

Doesn't your provider provide support? The BOLD character style seems the only one that wasn't working. I figured out the others and see now that you may have fixed the one that wasn't operative. So we're good on that. You're welcome. The rest are probably more extensive:

  • Editing of a posting not allowed. 
  • Preview of a post before it is sent not allowed.  
  • Showing an added/uploaded image, in context, or the actual code snippet to allow move it within the posting as a preview, while composing it. <- Elaborated from a previous post. 
  • Showing comments on a particular post in context to group those comments together in a "thread" or a  'sub-thread'. You probably would only want two levels on something like that. 

Hi Henry,
Yes, I know of great forum software. Software like the classic phpBB, vBulletin, Vanilla Forums (our previous forum software), Discourse (I've been wanting to use this for a bit). However, we'd prefer to have a our support articles and forum topics all searchable under one system. I personally feel that customers benefit from the way others will title and format a question so they can get better results when searching for solutions to issues or questions.

I did indeed fix the bold character issue. I also made the comment box expandable as you type. As for your other issues:

  1. I'd like to have editing allowed for posts/comments for a least a small period of time. I've contacted Freshdesk about this and it is in the works. 
  2. The comment/edit area shows you exactly what a post will look so I'm not sure why a preview is needed. That said, it is something I've asked Freshdesk about. They have no plans for this.
  3. You can use the image icon to add/upload an image in context:

  4. Yeah, I don't mind having comments in a single level, but having multiple levels again would be nice. It makes for quoting and replying to specific questions or issues much easier for me. Freshdesk has not gotten back to me about this request yet.

I have used mSecure for a while, too, to where I recall being able to change an entry’s Type. It would even prompt that there maybe some data missing because of less fields in the new selected Type. I would certainly appreciate this ability to reassign an entry to a new Type, like the good ol’ days. But for now, one temporary solution until they can add this feature is log into mSecure on your computer and have your other device with you on the record you need to switch Types on, and type the data onto the new Type on your computer. Then you can delete the old record.

The previous version of msecure allowed you to change the Type.  The current version doesn't seem to allow you to change the Type.  You changed the Type, and msecure warned you that field difference might cause you to lose information.  You accepted the change and went ahead with the Type change.  I used this feature to create new Types with more fields. After creating the new Type, I would change the entry’s type and update the additional fields.  I would like to see the Type change feature added back to msecure.

I would like this feature as well. When the new version came out I found new types that better matched the details I wanted for some of my existing records. It took a long time to manually reorganize things. Perhaps a migration option when changing types would be nice. One that lets you map fields between types or select ones that should be deleted

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