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Lost password - have encrypted backup

I have a new phone which has FACE ID and not touchID, which is how I accessed my mSecure older version, 4.something (not 5). When I changed phones I was asked for the log in password, which I have forgotten. I have the encrypted backup but when I downloaded the mSecure 5 application and tried to restore, it asks me to log in with old password (the one I don’t have). Please give me some guidance and good news as to how I can restore my data. Thank you

Hi Eric,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Do you still have access to mSecure 4 on a device? Each mSecure backup file is encrypted with the login password (v4 or older) or mSecure account password (v5) in use at the time the backup was created. In order to restore from an mSecure backup file, you'll need to know the backup's password. If you still have access to mSecure 4 and can unlock the app, I can show you how to fix your forgotten password issues here.

I have restored an old phone with touchID but still it asks me for the password which I do not know. Is there no way to open the encrypted file which was emailed to me without the log in password? Which again I do not know......???????

Hi Eric,

Anytime you change or edit your Touch ID or Face ID settings, mSecure will ask you for your login or account passsword(v5). Restoring your iOS device would count as editing Touch ID. No, for security purposes, there is no way to bypass our encryption. I'm sorry I don't have better news here.

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