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Backup and Restore Using the Internal SD Card (4.0.6)

How to backup and restore your mSecure data using an internal SD card

Accessing mSecure’s settings

A quick and easy way to back up your mSecure data is to use mSecure’s Backup to Internal SD Card feature. Making backups to the internal SD card can prove to be invaluable if your mSecure app is accidentally deleted. Even if that happens, you would then still have the backups you made to the internal SD card. (The mSecure app can also automatically make backups to the device’s internal SD card.) After reinstalling mSecure, you would be able to use mSecure’s Restore from Internal SD Card function to get your data back.

Let’s start by accessing the Settings. Tap on the key icon (highlighted in red) to open the Navigation Drawer.

Accessing the settings

Tapping the key icon opens the navigation drawer. Next tap on Settings to access the backup and restore functions.

Accessing the backup and restore functions

After tapping Settings, scroll down to the Backup and Restore section and tap Backup.

Accessing Backup to Internal SD Card function

Tapping Backup opens a window prompting you to select how you want to back up your mSecure data. Tapping Internal SD Card begins the process of making the backup to the internal SD card.

Confirming the backup

Tapping Internal SD Card opens a message that the backup will be encrypted with your current mSecure login password. Tap Continue to proceed with the backup.

Creating the backup

Tapping Continue opens a message letting you know that your backup has been made to the internal SD Card. Tap OK.

Accessing the restore function

To restore a backup made to your Android device’s internal SD card, first tap Restore from the Navigation Drawer.

Beginning a restore from the internal SD Card

Tapping restore opens a window asking where you want to restore from. Select Internal SD Card to begin the restore process.

Selecting the backup to be restored

Tapping Internal SD Card opens a directory of the backups saved to the internal SD Card. The backups are given file names using the date and time the backup was made. For example, our backup was made on April 22, 2015 at 21:04:46 (military time). To restore the backup, tap the file name.

Confirming the restore

Tapping the backup file opens a message asking if you are sure you want to replace any current mSecure data with the mSecure data contained in the backup file. Tap Yes to continue with the restore.

Completing the restore

Tapping Yes automatically restores the mSecure data to the app, overwriting any existing mSecure data in the process. You can verify the restore was successful by viewing your data in mSecure’s main view.

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