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Browser plugins or extensions

I believe competitive Password Managers have a Chrome extension so that usernames and passwords are entered automatically (or at least prompted) when going to a site that mSecure contains the credentials for.

It would be great if mSecure had that as well. 

It would be even greater if that worked with mobile Chrome on iOS.

I see the current iOS extension but it only works with Safari, and it requires that I remember that my password is stored there (no auto-prompt), then click Share, then click the mSecure option. That's a lot to remember and not exactly intuitive (I'm not sharing). So the current functionality could be improved upon to be useful.

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Hi Ben, 

Thanks for the feature request. We do have plans for browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge in the future. Also, you can already use our mSecure Extension feature to sign in to your logins on Chrome on iOS and into your account on select apps. Here's a guide on how to set up our mSecure extension: and here's a article with all supported apps:

yes, a firefox extension on windows 10 would be great!


Don't forget Opera browser .

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