Unable to sync via Wi-Fi

Using mSecure 5 with Wi-Fi syncing. Has been syncing fine between my Wndows 10 desktop (set as the main computer) and my iPhone. I added the mSecure 5 app to my Windows 10 laptop and enabled W-Fi syncing but mSecure can't find the network desktop - returns a "Wifi server cannot be reached" error. I can see the desktop computer on the network and access its folders from the laptop.

BTW,  I did see the support article on network settings and everything is set up correctly. And in the app Sync Settings on the laptop the Sync Status shows that the laptop (client) is connected (indicates green) to the desktop (server).


Hi David,

Can you ping each computer here? To run a ping test, first find the IP Address of each computer and follow these instructions:

  1. Open cmd (command prompt) using the Windows search
  2. Ping the IP Address. Example: ping

Please let me know your results by either copy/pasting your results or taking a screenshot of the results (Shift+Windows Button+S). I would also recommend making sure that both computer's networks are set to private here: https://m7software.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000022762-wi-fi-syncing-issues

Okay, egg all over my face. The pings were okay. Then I realized that I didn't have the mSecure app open on the desktop. As soon as I opened it the laptop synced. Embarrassed. Thanks. Ever consider running the app in the background as a service so that syncs could take place whether the app was open or not?


Hi David,

Yes, we've considered that option. We debated whether we should allow syncing to happen if the app was also locked on a computer as well. However, we settled on having it opened and unlocked at the moment since it's the most common use case for customers. I'm happy to take feedback if you feel it should work differently. 

I think it would be great if that were an option. For those of us who don't use cloud syncing it would allow us to sync across all devices in almost the same way that cloud syncing works - that is, not needing to make a point of having mSecure open and unlocked for syncing to take place. But I wouldn't force it on anyone - I'd make it optional. Thanks for your consideration. Sorry again about the false alarm.

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