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The future of mSecure

I have been using mSecure since 2013/14 when I bought separate licenses for desktop, iOS and Android. Later I upgraded to the newer versions of mSecure which was a single license purchase for multiple devices (I use a MacBook, Android phone and iPad)

I love using mSecure and its simplicity. 

Of late (past 2-3 years) I notice that mSecure never seems to feature in the Top 10 lists of password managers. I barely see it even show up when I search for Password managers. 

Is there an active demand for this product and sufficient support levels to ensure continued support for future device/OS evolutions ? 


Hi Tom,

Can you give me a few of the URLs you are tapping on in your mSecure records? I'm not seeing what you're seeing, so I need to try to reproduce it first. There may be an easy solution here, but first I need to make the problem happen on my device.

This is for Mike and Nick

Somehow this problem was given to both of you.  Mike:  I sent you a screenshot of the page that comes up “Totally Empty”.  I realize my laptop is the master and it does not provide auto fill.  And the iPhone and iPad sometimes auto-fills.  It also will give me a message asking if I want to update to the correct URL.  An example of this was just now when I logged into mSecure on my iPad.  At first it didn’t auto-fill, but after the update, it worked seamlessly.  So I think the laptop updates the iPad on sync with the incorrect iPad auto-fill URL.

But, in the case of the “Blank Screen” (attached)……….…I dunno

image.jpg image.jpg
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Hi Tom,

I believe I sent you an email about this, but I'm not sure. If you can give me actual URLs, I will try to reproduce the problem on my devices. If I can, then there may be an easy fix.

Regarding you thoughts about syncing, you can test your hypothesis. Go ahead and open mSecure on your iPad, but do NOT open mSecure on any other device so that a sync won't take place. When you do this, does everything work correctly when you tap on a URL in a record?

Mike what does grandfathered essentials tier mean? I just upgraded and purchased mSecure as I upgraded from previous version no longer supported by iOS . What if don’t want to go to a monthly subscription service ? Tnx

Hi Michael, and thank you for posting. Being grandfathered into the Essentials subscription tier means you'll get it without having to pay for it. So if you have purchased a V5 Pro license, you won't have to pay for an Essentials subscription. If, however, you wanted access to the features in the Premium subscription, you would have to pay a monthly fee for them.

Mike thank you for update. What would be the feature differences between essential and premium?

Hi Michael,

The Essentials tier will include all of the features you have in mSecure 5, so anyone who has purchased a Pro license won't lose any functionality. Those features include:

  • Syncing

  • Browser extensions/plugins/built-in

  • Biometric Unlock (Touch ID, Face ID, etc)

  • Security Center

  • Backup/Restore

  • Images Attachments

  • Custom Icons

  • Template Editing

  • Apple Watch (iOS)

It's important to note there are new, non-paid features as well. The UI has been completely revamped, there's a new One-Time Password field, iOS has a filter bar on the main view, to name a few.

Premium features go beyond what most users would need, as the name implies. The Premium tier will include:

  • Sharing Center for Cross-Account Sharing (requires using mSecure Cloud)

  • Tags

  • Full Record Customization (field reordering, field type changes, etc.)

  • PDF and Text Attachments (as well as any other file type we add support for in the future)

  • iOS Filter bar customization

  • Email Picker (pre-filled list of emails/usernames already used in order of highest use)

Thank you.  I do use mSecure and think it’s the best one out there.  Mainly because it is an “in house” program that can function within a single person’s “cloud”.

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