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mSecure is not working - will not allow access

I was asked by support to reload mSecure for windows to possibly resolve an issue with my account indicating "essentials" with a paid subscription. App reload and would not take my username / password indicating it was invalid. After a number of attempts, it indicated it would send a two-factor code to my email account. I received the code, by mSecure is stating this is not a valid code. I have tried this several times. What will it take to regain acceess to my passwords? I do have mSecure installed on my android phone but am scared to do anything as I might lose access to all my passwords. 

This is a mess - I logged into the website and found that my "Premium" account had been "CANCELED". I did not do this and why did support not tell me this when I first contact them several days ago.

Hi Paul,

I just responded to you in a different thread on our support forum. The reason you were experiencing problems signing in was due to a server outage. That has since been fixed, so you should have no problems signing in now.

With regards to your subscription, the server outage did not have any effect on your subscription. It simply made it so you could sync data or sign in to your account. I checked your account in our system, and it shows that your subscription actually expired back on January 21st, about 3 weeks ago.

Since you purchased your subscription through the Windows mSecure app, I need you to check your subscription in your Microsoft account. We don't have access to any details regarding your subscription except for what Microsoft returns to us, so the only thing I can see in our system is the type of subscription and the expiration date. Please visit this page in your browser: Services & subscriptions. If you could, send me a screenshot of the details you see for your mSecure subscription.

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