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I'm missing data from some of my records

I bought a new phone last week. I installed mSecure 6. I logged into my account, everything OK. Truth be told I was glad I remembered the password to the app :D. The logs showed up, so that satisfaction. And I didn't investigate further. However, today I was just going through the records to see if there were any redundant ones among them that I no longer use, to delete them if necessary. And I noticed that some of them don't have the information saved. And I have no idea why, because I haven't changed anything on them in all this time. For example, Disney (see picture) is OK. For the other three, everything is gone. What's that?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. I have not run into this before, so I don't know what could be causing it to happen. After you installed mSecure on your new phone, how did you get your data imported into the app? I checked your account, but syncing is disabled, but syncing is typically how data is imported into the app when installed on a new device.

Also, do you still happen to have access your old phone, and if so, do you see your information when you open mSecure on that device?

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