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having trouble restoring data from a backup file on Android

Originally used mSecure 4 (I think).  Had data on Samsung S8. Data migrated to Samsung S23 fine.  I needed a warranty replacement S23 and when transferring all phone data, the mSecure 6 data didn't transfer.  I have changed emails since I started using mSecure.  I created a backup file from original S23 phone but don't know how to access the file for a restore on the replacement Samsung S23 .

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Hi Tim,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked your account with the email address you're using here in the support forum, and I was able to find it. The problem is, I'm only seeing that a Windows device has signed in to it. No Android devices have signed in to that account since it was created back on March 6th of 2017. This typically indicates you were using the mSecure 4 app on your previous phone but now have installed mSecure 6 on your new phone.

Are you saying you know you were using mSecure 4 on your previous S23, which broke and was replaced? Also, when you say you made a backup, where did you store that backup file? Do you have access to the file now on your new phone?

I was using mSecure4 on my original S8 phone.  A couple of months ago, I upgraded to a S23 and the mSecure data transferred fine.  Now, trying to transfer all data to a replacement S23 the mSecure data didn't transfer.  Both S23 phones are referencing the same email address.  Both are supposed to be syncing to drop box.

 Both S23 phones are referencing the same email address.  Both phones are set to sync to dropbox (which is working anymore)

 I have a backup file but I don't know how to get it to my S23 in the proper folder.  Can you help?

Hi Tim,

With regards to Dropbox syncing, I need more information from you to try to help. You have to choose Dropbox syncing in mSecure's Sync Settings, then you have to link your Dropbox account to mSecure so it will be allowed to communicate with your Dropbox account. It can't work simply because it worked on a different device. That would constitute a very big security problem. Have you tried to link your Dropbox account? What happens when you do? If you haven't selected Dropbox syncing in the Sync Settings of mSecure, what happens when you do that?

For your backup, you first need to set the bakcup folder for mSecure. This is needed due to Android's security features. They don't allow 3rd party apps access to any folders on your device unless you specifically grant the app permission to do so. Go ahead and open mSecure, then tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines). Tap Settings in the Menu, then tap "Set backup folder" in the Settings screen. Tap "PICK FOLDER," then navigate to either your "mSecure" or "mSecure 5" folder if one exists.

The problem here is that you have a new phone, so I don't know how either the "mSecure" or "mSecure 5" folder exists. That could only be possible if you created that folder yourself, because mSecure can't create it for you. I suppose it's possible for that Android OS created it if you migrated the data from your previous phone, but I'm not aware that's what happens. At any rate, you will need to tap "PICK FOLDER" and then navigate to one of those two folders on your device's internal memory, which would be the root of the device's hard drive. Once you're in the root directory, you can either pick one the folder that already exists, or you can create a folder named "mSecure." If you have to create the folder, then simply move the bakcup file you have to that folder, and you'll be able to restore from it in mSecure's Settings.

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