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Dates in other than US format

The mm/dd/yyyy format is not used in the UK for instance. Could date be displayed as per device locale?

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Hi Ben,

Our date formatting is based on your location/language settings on iOS, Mac, and Windows. I'll need to test Android to see if that's the case on Android since I'm not 100% on that at the moment. However, again, we're doing this already or should be. The dd/mm/yyyy format is also my preferred date format as well.

I think on Android it is currently not matching the device locale.

Hi Ben,

You are correct. The Android version is missing this ability. We will be updating the Android version to use the international date format soon.

I always use yyyymmdd because that is based on an international standard (ISO 8601) that was established way back in 1988!  Why are we still debating this issue 30 years later?  LOL

Hi Brad,

Thank you for contacting us. Who is debating any standard here? Ben simply let us know that the Android version is not displaying things in the dd/mm/yyyy format when using a language settings other than English (United States). We have no yyyy/mm/dd format in mSecure and have no current plans to introduce that format at this time.

Hi, I notice this request is entered 5 months ago, can you give an update. I've raised a similar request and also using Android. Using the calender in Android I'm able to use the dd/mm/yy format in other apps.

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