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Account Reset

IMPORTANT: An account reset is ONLY needed if you are locked out of ALL your mSecure apps. If you have access to your information in any version of mSecure on at least one device, please contact support before following the instructions in this article.

Are you having password trouble, or unable to log in on any of your devices running mSecure?


The instructions below are only intended for those who have forgotten their account password, lost their QR code or the QR code they have is incorrect. In these cases, you will be either:

  • Locked out of the mSecure app on all your devices
  • Unable to sign in to your account with mSecure telling you the username and/or password you are entering is incorrect

  • Unable to authenticate as the owner of your account because either you don't have the QR code that was sent to you when your account was first set up, or the QR code you have is not being accepted


If you are able to unlock mSecure and gain access to your information in any version of mSecure on at least one device, DO NOT proceed through the rest of the content below. If the instructions are followed, your information will be deleted and it's likely to be lost permanently.


Resetting your mSecure account will destroy your information, which can lead to severe, unintended consequences. If you are currently able to unlock the latest version of mSecure on any of your devices, even if you are only able to do so using the biometric unlock feature (Touch ID, Face ID, Windows Hello, etc.), you do not need to reset your account in order to update your master password. Instead, you can simply change your password from inside any unlocked mSecure app following the instructions in this article


Please contact our support team at if you have any questions about your current situation or have doubts that you should proceed with an account reset.


 Account Password and Account Key


Your Account Password and Encrypted Account Key (QR code) are only accessible by you and are not stored in your mSecure account on our servers, nor are they shared with mSeven Software. They are required for account access and they cannot be retrieved or recovered in any way. The only way a password can be changed or a QR code resent is if you can open and unlock the mSecure app on at least one device. If you can view your information on one device, change your password using the instructions in this article, or resend your QR code from the app’s Account Settings.


Your account password and account key (QR code) are used like a key to a safe. If you have the correct key, you can open the safe. If not, the safe will remain closed. If you no longer have the key, the safe will never be opened again by you or anyone else. As a result, in order to obtain a new key and a new safe, you must reset your mSecure account. For an in-depth explanation, please refer to our security page.


The only way to decrypt the data stored in mSecure is by using your Account Password to unlock the mSecure app. If you have forgotten your Account Password, you will need to reset your account. If you are trying to set up mSecure after upgrading to a new device or reinstalling the app for some reason, you will need to first enter your Account Username and Account Password to sign in to your account, then you will need to be authenticated as the owner of the account with your Encrypted Account Key (QR code). If mSecure asks you to enter your QR code, and if you have lost that code, you will need to reset your account to create a new one. Again, it is impossible to recover your Account Password or QR code. mSecure's support team cannot retrieve it for you, because it is not stored in your mSecure account on our servers, and mSeven Software never gets access to them in any way.


Resetting your mSecure account will:

  • Wipe your Account Password

  • Wipe all data stored in your mSecure apps

  • Wipe all data stored in your mSecure Cloud account

  • Make all sync data stored in your Dropbox or iCloud accounts obsolete

  • Make your current and Account Key and older keys obsolete

It does not:

  • Delete your account 

  • Affect any active account status or license information

  • Destroy backups saved outside of mSecure (i.e. on your device, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Even though the backups are not destroyed after an account reset, they are still protected with the Account Password in use when a particular backup was created. If you have to reset your account due to forgetting your password, the backup files created when that password was in use are now obsolete.



Remember that if you still have access to your mSecure information in mSecure 6 (you are able to unlock the app using the Biometric Unlock feature (Touch/Face ID for iOS and Mac, Biometric Authentication for Android or Windows Hello for Windows), you do not need to reset your account. Changing your account password using our Biometric Unlock options on one device will make it possible for you to sign in to your account on all other devices, though you may have to reinstall the mSecure app on your iOS, Android and Windows devices or delete mSecure's database file on your Macs first. You can learn how to change your account password using this article.



If you’ve read through all of the information above and you’re sure you're locked out of mSecure on all your devices, follow the steps to reset your account below.


How to reset your mSecure account





  1. First, delete the latest version of mSecure from any device that is not a Mac (if you happen to be running mSecure 3 or 4, do not delete that version of the app on any device)
  2. If you have a Mac computer, follow these steps to delete mSecure's database instead of deleting the app:
    • Open mSecure, and you should see the lock screen waiting for you to enter your master password
    • In the Menu bar at the top left of your screen, click "Help" then click the option key on your keyboard
    • While holding the option key, click "Show Data File in Finder" and new Finder window should appear
    • Move the selected "mSecure.mscb" file to the trash
    • Close mSecure
  3. If you were using iCloud or Dropbox syncing, delete the data.mssb sync file:
    • Dropbox (Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/accountID/data.mssb): Open your Dropbox account, either on your device or sign in to your account in your browser at Open the "Apps" folder, open the "mSecure 5" folder, open the folder named with your mSecure account ID that looks like 10 random characters, then delete the "data.mssb" sync file.
    • iCloud (iCloud Drive/mSecure/accountID/data.mssb): Open the Files app on your iOS device or a new Finder window on your Mac. Open the "iCloud Drive" folder, open the folder named with your mSecure account ID that looks like 10 random characters, then delete the "data.mssb" sync file.
  4. Click here to open the "Reset Your mSecure Account" page in your web browser
  5. Read the notice carefully, then enter the email address that you use for your mSecure account in the "Email Address" field at the bottom of the page
  6. Click "START PROCESS", and an email will be sent to you within a few seconds
  7. Open your email app or email service in your web browser, find the account reset email labeled "Account Reset for mSecure" and click "RESET ACCOUNT"
  8. After the web page on our site is loaded in your browser, enter a new password, confirm the password, and enter a new hint. NOTE: If you only lost your Encrypted Account Key (QR code), you can enter the same Account Password you were using previously.
  9. Click "RESET ACCOUNT" to complete the account reset process


After resetting your mSecure account:

  1. Reinstall mSecure on all of your devices. You can download mSecure from your device's app store by clicking the links below:


  2. Open mSecure after it's installed, move through the welcome screens until you arrive at the screen prompting you to "Sign In" or "Sign Up"

  3. Click or tap "Sign In" and continue the onboarding process

Note: Signing in to the mSecure app after resetting your account is necessary in order to gain a new QR Code. Once the app is set up again, you will receive a new QR code via email. At that time, delete any Authentication Emails containing older QR codes to avoid confusion. Only the newest code sent after signing in for the first time should be saved for use in the future.

Now that you have reset your account, installed mSecure, and received your new Authentication QR Code, you can now sign in and authenticate your account on your other mSecure devices. You can learn more << here.>>

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